Create a New Civilization

Work together to create a new way of life.

For thousands of years, humanity has lived in a pyramid shaped system where a powerful elite exploits and makes decisions for the masses. It has led to our current situation where:

  • 5 men now have as much wealth as half the human population.

  • Billions are starving and living in poverty.

  • Our planet is on the verge of ecological collapse.

  • The way we live lacks meaning. Depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental illness runs rampant.

  • Personal profit is valued above the good of people and the planet.

But humans haven’t always lived this way. Our ancestors lived in tribes that provided meaning, purpose and equality. They lived in balance with Mother Earth.

Earth Nation and our partner organizations are working on combining tribal structure with modern technology / knowledge and democratic ideals to create an entirely new way of life on planet Earth. Instead of a pyramid uplifting a few, the new system is like a web, supporting all people and life. This system values:

  • People and planet before profit.

  • Direct Democracy. One person, one vote

  • Sovereign Rights - each person may live and believe as they want so long as it does not hurt others

  • Free Education - Society benefits from an educated population

  • Resource Based Economy - All of Earth's natural resources declared the common inheritance of all humankind

  • Environmental Restoration - The old system has exploited the environment. Creation is care, balance and harmony with ecosystems.

  • Basic needs Met - A dwelling, clothes, food, and universal income provided to all for 10 or less hours of work per week as modeled by the Ubuntu Movement.

It is more than just a new social system.  It is an entirely new civilization with a very different set of fundamental principles.  We are building it together.