The Power of Direct Democracy

The internet is the great equalizer.  It has given people a powerful way to speak into their world.  However, our governments do not always listen. Using the internet and blockchain technology, we now have the ability to create a secure platform where people can speak into and vote on how their government is run.

  • Vote on Issues Impacting Your Life: This system will enable voting within organizations, local governments, regional governments, national governments and even global decisions.  If it impacts you, you’ll get a vote.

  • The Power to Delegate Your Votes: We can’t all be experts on everything.  Nor do most people want to vote on every little issue. This system will allow individuals to delegate categories of votes to others. For example, you could delegate your votes about the future of Artificial Intelligence to Elon Musk or your techy brother in law.

First Steps: The beta version of this technology is available now and utilized by Earth Nation.  Become an Earth Nation voteholder today to help us set policy and distribute funding to world changing projects.  Learn about it in detail in our academies!