The Earth Nation Reserve

50% of all Equality Key sales go towards placing buy orders for Equality Keys on the exchange market. This adds a layer of stability to our currency that reduces fluctuations and makes it impossible for our currency to crash. For every Key in circulation, there is at least one buy order placed by the Earth Nation Reserve.

10% of all Keys transacted throughout our directory network systems return to the EN Reserve. 50% of all Keys software service fees return to the EN Reserve. 0.1% (capped at 1 Key per transaction) of all personal Keys transactions returns to the EN Reserve. Every time a Key returns to the Center Pool in this way, the Equality Key Buy Order the EN Reserve placed on the market is removed and used to increase the value of other Equality Key Buy Orders. Which increases the value of all Keys on the market.

As we sell more Keys from the Earth Nation Reserve, we increase their price by 1 cent for every 5000 usd equivalent sold. This mechanism allows us to set, raise and stabilize our currency growth rate on the decentralized market in direct proportion to the amount of Keys we sell.