Earth Nation Technology

Our constantly developing suite of instantly replicable, fully interoperable, decentralized autonomous organizational software support systems are only obtainable through exchanging Equality Keys. Our technology services have up-front and regular fees, so organizations using our systems must constantly acquire more Keys, which constantly increases the demand for our currency.

The Equality Keys Blockchain will enable anyone, including existing cryptocurrency communities to create their own fractal Liquid Governance instance linked to their own Directory Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Assets, Trust and Reputation System, Currency, Legal Shells, and Social Media Accounts.

Through consensus between one or more DAO instances, information, directory systems, decision making, digital and physical resources and access points can be exchanged and traded without any externally imposed limitations.

This enables our DAO organizations to make organizations within organizations, to create partner level relationships, umbrella alliances, trade alliances, or even mass scale planetary agreements that are built around the sharing of resources/intelligence for the highest good of all involved.

Our systems are designed to be infinitely scalable. This is accomplished by creating evermore modular instances of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that consensually interconnect with one another to share knowledge, ideas, resources, decision making and all forms of access.

In our systems, there are 3 kinds of relationships one DAO can have with another.

The first form of relationship is parent to child. Some DAOs are fundamentally designed to create other DAOs by providing the people/time/knowledge/resources/lands/tools required for the child DAO to be born. In exchange the Child DAO returns a % of all assets/resources gained to the parent DAO for an definite or indefinite time period.

The second form of relationship is partnership. Two DAOs may come together with the consensus of both parties to specifically share resources and access with one another.

The third form of relationship is alliance. Any number of DAOs can come together to form a new umbrella DAO with its own specific voting processes/domains/thresholds/assets.

Furthermore, multiple umbrella alliance DAOs can come together to create an even greater umbrella DAO. This allows for any number of different layers of relationships and agreements between any number of groups and people.


  1. Amazon-Style Marketplace Directory linked to currency. This makes it easy to back the value of your currency with products.

  2. Freelancer Directory linked to currency. This makes it really easy for teams to hire DAO members for approved projects. It also adds inherent value to your currency.

  3. Etsy-style Directory linked to currency.

  4. Liquid dynamic governance system. Allowing any group to fully customize their own governance models.

  5. Team/project Management. Combining the best elements of services like Basecamp, Discord, and Asana to make a system that is both extremely simple (for end users) and extremely sophisticated and customizable (for team managers).

  6. Smart Reserve Banking. Back the value of your currency with software intelligence driven buy orders. Keep your collective currency safe from theft and fraud.

  7. Social Media Platforms. Allow any number of users to share and find the most meaningful and relevant information in a wide variety of formats.

  8. Mapping system linked to currency. This makes it easy for users to see and engage with locations that are backing your currency.

  9. Homecenter A place to centralize the user experience and all information relevant to your DAO.

  10. Ambassador Suite Convert the social media accounts, pages, and groups of your community into free automated advertising across the internet.

  11. Steemit Guild. Monetize your DAO on Steem. Our Guild system combines group up-voting, manual and automatic curation, super-smart bot bidding and group resteeming functions to maximize engagement, quality, and gains from Steem.

  12. Church Legal Shells. The best method to hold assets for your DAO. We recommend purchasing bank accounts owned by your church in specific “safe” countries.

  13. Multi-signature Wallets. Keep your DAO’s Main Cryptofunds secure with 15+ signature wallets. Our custom voting system will link to multi-signature wallets so when users approve a proposal, they are also approving the proposed payment transfer with their private signature.

  14. Landing Pages for Each Council/Team.

  15. Custom On-screen Tutorial Sequence that links to Teachable Academies and Videos.

  16. Locked Pages and Tabs. Restrict sections of your site suite based on user history.