Equality Keys

Equality Keys is the first cryptocurrency to be 100% democratically owned, managed, and distributed by an ever-growing population of Voteholders.

Earth Nation Voteholdership is open to all colors, all creeds, and all classes of people.  All we ask from our Voteholders is that you contribute to the backing of our economic systems, while also acting in a kind, respectful, and compassionate way.

Equality Keys are backed by Keys Exclusive EN Community services, products, resources, experiences, technologies, and currency reserves. Click on the icons at the base of the mountain for more details on how our community backs our currency.

For every $5000 USD worth of Keys sold, we increase the price we sell Keys at by 1 cent. As Keys rise in value, the cost of our Keys exclusive products and services lower in direct proportion.

Get your Keys now before they rise further in price!

We are currently selling an Earth Nation store credit currency. This currency is usable in all of our directories, stores and locations. When we launch our ICO, this currency will be redeemable at a 1 to 1 ratio for our crypto-token. When we launch our full currency on the holochain, the crypto-token will be exchangeable at a 1 to 1 ratio for the Keys cryptocurrency.

Check out our pre-beta draft of our ico Equality Keys webpage.