Transition Economy

The single greatest power held by Government Level Entities is the ability to print and distribute currency. Blockchain technology enables anyone, and everyone to have this same power.

With traditional currency centralized banking entities store, monitor, manage, and profit from our money.

With Cryptocurrency, an expansive/decentralized network of computers provide this same service for us in a way that eliminates all risk of corruption, frozen accounts, and fraud. Watch this video for more details on the blockchain technology behind Crypto.

You have probably heard of Bitcoin. It was the first widely recognized cryptocurrency adopted by major financial institutions and corporations.

However…. Bitcoin was just the beginning. Since Bitcoin came out nearly 10 years ago there have been many evolutions to blockchain Technology. Some of the most sophisticated and useful examples are…

Ethereum. Where the Bitcoin blockchain keeps track of currency transactions, the Ethereum blockchain keeps track of “smart contracts” which allow for extremely sophisticated data transactions to fuel various kinds of decentralized and trustless applications.

Ripple. The evolution of financial transactions. No longer will we need to pay 3-7% exchange fees when transfering one currency to another.

Iota. The first 0 cost instantaneous transfer blockchain.

Steemit. The first widely adopted social media platform that runs entirely on the blockchain


Which brings us to Holochain. The platform we are launching final stage of the Earthnation Crypto-currency; Equality Keys.