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Join the EN Team with your passion, purpose, skills, and gifts

Are you ready for meaningful and fun purpose driven action? Are you ready to serve a compelling movement that’s bigger than any one of us? Become eligible to vote by being an active member of one of Earth Nation's Teams. Co-create with your team towards our collective common Earth Nation goals, learn new skills, and contribute your gifts. We reward your efforts in Keys, Keys credits, and cash. You may use the Keys and Keys credits you earn at our partner eco-villages, and in our trade directories to purchase products and services that help you fulfill your mission.

Discover the EN Team that most aligns with you:

Digital Ambassadors
Our mission is to assist in waking up humankind by propagating inspiring, educational, entertaining and positive media. Earn Keys for sharing solutionary content and news from the Earth Nation and the new paradigm movement to your social networks.

Physical Ambassadors
Embody the movement. Onboard new members, vote-holders, products, lands, match partnerships, canvas, promote and represent the heart of the Earth Nation movement at events, festivals, in your hometown, and globally. Help new members (in person or virtually) orient themselves into our system by guiding them to participate with their resources, lands, skills, and by matching them with the right work team where they can thrive..

Steem Team
Have you seen Steemit? It’s a powerful new blockchain social media platform for content creators that pays! Earn cash and Keys with the Earth Nation SteemTeam by sharing your unique content, and resteeming Earth Nation's high quality empowering content. Do you like to create positive, inspiring content, write articles, do photography blogs, share inspiring and empowering information, or music? We have an academy to get you started and earning like a pro.

Media Agency
The Media Agency is calling forth professional creatives! Video makers, writers, skilled videographers, editors, message makers, multimedia content creators, animators, graphics and branding designers, producers and directors! Come share your creative genius with the Earth Nation. Make unique marketing and sales material, educational writing, social media posts, unique articles for our partner sites, promotional writing for our products... and more.

Web designers, developers, coders, blockchain experts, AI, robotics, programmers, app designers! The Tech Team is the backbone of our system and directories. We are constantly evolving and upgrading everything from our basic applications to our voting platform. We are calling in next level support to build our systems onto the blockchain, make interoperable instances, smart contracts, verified user systems, and gamified user experiences.

Directory Sales
EN is hiring dedicated sales, marketing, administrative, and customer service experts with proven sales results to maintain our directories and onboard aligned freelancers, products and ecovillages into our EN directories. Receive Keys and cash commissions for closing sales.

Education Team
We create fun and educational content that trains members to engage with our community in an effective and satisfying way. Design and facilitate digital and physical academies and manuals for Earth Nation’s operational system, new paradigm culture, Avatar and ambassador training. As we grow, the direction of this team will expand into a free online university to support our movement towards a thriving world.

Administrative Team
Help create streamlined systems to support maximum efficiency in each department. This team of support angels keeps up with daily tasks: finances, Key payouts, cash payouts, steemit payouts, tracking form submissions, compiling monthly ledger, report evaluation, customer support, and personal assistance.

Merchant's Guild
For business executives and strategists, entrepreneurs, financial experts and legal aid persons. The Merchant's guild is responsible for all products and services, legal jurisdictions, financial transactions, the EN Reserve fund, and best practices and design parameters for incubating, launching, funding, and matching needs for regenerative business endeavors.

Permaculture/Land Development
We connect with existing and new communities and find highest aligned partnerships and strategies for our members and businesses. We design, build, implement, steward, and transform places to sacred spaces. Are you a land development expert, permaculturist, physical builder, natural builder, systems designer, or social architect? We have many lands ready and waiting for the expertise to build out eco-community. Please add yourself to the Freelancer Directory First! Then inquire more deeply to be matched on a community project. We vet and verify all of our members for deployment to ensure positive results, and maintain trust with our partner ecovillages.