Party Up

Aligned organizations, become a partner in our global alliance

Welcome partner organizations! We recognize and honor each group’s puzzle piece in our collective worldwide new paradigm movement. There are many ways to synergize. Each partnership is determined by needs matching. What is your organization skilled at or do you have an excess of something?  What do you need to fulfill your mission? Do you have an extensive network to share or a service, product or resource that benefits the Earth Nation, like a conscious media network or aligned educational program? Would you like to receive access to digital marketing, legal shells, or lands and communities to house your projects? Do you need organizational support tools, like creating your own currency, a customizable voting platform, or guidance in structuring and launching your own DAO (decentralized autonomous organization)?  Each exchange agreement is a dialogue, case by case, and designed for a win-win-win! Your organization may also be eligible for Keys sponsorship to support your success.