Share Access

Share your products, services, resources, and land for Keys

Do you have something to share, like a professional service, land access, product or experience? What do you have an excess of? Do you need more of something? Contribution and meeting needs are core components of the Earth Nation. Our EN collective asset pool strengthens the value of the Keys economy and serves needs matching. Joining our Freelancer, Products, and Ecovillage directories and actively exchanging value is a fun and meaningful way to earn Keys, join the movement, access conscious purveyors to support your success, and share your gifts and products with the people looking for you. Add liquid, raw and usable resources to our stewardship pool, like gold, a truck, and solar panels. Share access to your land, community, or eco-village in our Ecovillage Directory. Accept Keys for a stay or experience. Join fellow Earth Nation members from all over the world in a thriving network of purpose-driven change agents supporting one another’s dreams.