Temple Reset As the music plays, we sing, tone and clear the energy in the space - reset the "temple". I may sage the space - if I didn't do it the night before, sweep, and tidy, open the curtains, and spin joy into the space so our environment is clear and refreshed! The counters are clean, the dishes are washed, the bed is made and the energy is clear and clean, and we're ready to make it a Superhero day! Apple Cider Vinegar or Warm Lemon Water Next is alkalizing the body. I like to drink lemon water or ACV in water. I also do a saltwater mouth rinse/brush teeth and tongue.
Two of my favorite things have come together to deliver an invigorating and revitalizing experience. Cacao and healing work go together like peanut butter and jelly. Cacao! The food of the Gods. An amazing elixir. The Mayan people used to trade cacao beans as if it were gold. There are images of cacao pods on tombs of kings. Spices were added to the drink in order to stimulate even more activity in the body. Cacao is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It also has theobromine, a chemical stimulant that is also referred to as the "love drug". Cacao has an aphrodisiac effect and is wonderful for lovers.
We recommend listening while reading. All you can remember is being here, in this place filled with darkness and shadows. A place where only firelight shines, where sounds echo and ripple and distort, where smells are overpowered by an indiscernible stench. You can barely understand what happened to you. Many of those you remember that were once close to you are no longer with you.
Steemit presents one of the easiest ways to create supplementary income, basic income, a salary, and sick money. It's still the only cryptocurrency at present that is generated out of pure creation (creative or otherwise). While there is a basic level of computer literacy and practice required, it is by far the simplest way to earn cryptocurrency, period. With that said, Steemit calls you, the user to step up and embody the entrepreneurial role required to be successful on this blockchain platform.
Hi! I am a minnow-only Steemit bot that offers a 5X Upvote to new Steem Users once every 3 days. After extensive testing, we have worked out (almost) every single glitch and bug. It was quite difficult writing the code to discern current moment 100% Upvote value. Shoutout to @reggaemuffin and @therealwolf for their help with that part of the code. This is the first week of large-scale live user testing. Please be patient if something doesn't work quite right. As always, just comment for a refund if anything goes wrong.
Stories of great floods have permeated history since the period of the Sumerian times. A cuneiform tablet from the seventeenth century BCE was discovered to be the first account of the great flood. In this account, a king named Ziusudra experiences a vision of the gods' council and decision that makes him realize that a disaster is going to occur. After speaking to the god Enki ( deity of water, micheif, and creation), he builds a large boat to prepare for a flood that lasts seven days and nights. Other accounts of great floods range from within the BiIble in Genesis (Noah's Ark) to the Quaran in Sura 11 and Sura 17.
"Images Created and Directed By Diego Pernía. Starring Edsa Ramírez, Alejandra Infante and Fernanda Vizzuet. Produced by El Mall, based on an original idea by Televisa celebrating the Bicentennial of México." Here are the lyrics, both beautiful and potent messaging.
Introducing EarthCycle! Spent today writing this beginning to a white paper! SOoooo super excited for this one. <3 Source Awareness Holistic systems thinking serves a new paradigm of care and responsibility. Triple bottom line economics honors a profitable synergy of care for people and the planet. It’s simply good business. At EarthCycle we like to ask big questions, sourcing innovations and appropriate technologies that create systemic positive planetary transformation. As a closed system planetary body, and one global family, we ask.
In a previous post, I examined yoga as a practice that could align the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being to strengthen the soul. Broken souls can occur due to severe emotional or physical trauma that can stem from self-deprecation, rejection, abuse, lack of love, or other severe circumstances. Having a broken soul does not mean that this person turns into a lackluster loving being, in fact, some of the most giving people are those that have has broken souls because they know the trauma that can change someone's outlook/beliefs/personality. Most of these kind of people do not want to see others go through that type of pain, so they tend to be caring and giving.
We are already into February and it's amazing witnessing and experiencing everything that's been unfolding. In many of the events we've been doing with @risemultiversity it's been reassuring and beneficial to see where people are at. The feedback and corroborating experiences indicate we are on the right track. This is so "woo" that there aren't many outlets in which we can reach out too that are going to offer the support and feedback we need.

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Earth Nation Ambassadors are the forefront of the EN.

We share awareness of our way of being, our directories, our allies, and conscious news and media of all forms.

Our mission is to assist in waking up humankind by propagating inspiring, educational, entertaining and positive media across digital and physical channels of all kinds.




Earn Earth Nation Voteholder status by creating and linking social media profiles/pages/websites/blogs to our Ambassador Syndication Network to promote our Conscious Media Campaign.

Once linked, we automatically share up to 5 posts a day to your chosen channel(s).

We encourage you to both link pre-existing channels and to create dedicated channels for our media.


Start a community hub/meeting area and expand to hosting events, products and services. Apply for funding for your branch.

Connect your local community to the EN Global Support Network.

Earn a thriving wage, get your rent subsidized, and make a % commission from activities in your local branch.


Represent the Earth Nation and approach businesses, nonprofits, land owners and communities with mutually beneficial partnership opportunities with the EN.


Do you feel a calling towards guiding others into finding and fulfilling their passion purpose?

Ambassador Guides act as mentors, teachers, friends, and allies for all those seeking helping in the EN.

Content Creators

Content Creators! Welcome to the core media team of the Earth Nation. This is where the foundational back-end magic happens! We supply the Earth Nation and partner allies with marketing, promotional, educational, and empowering content in the form of written material, social media posts, videos, animation, images, and info-graphics.

To be a content creator, join a specific team relative to your skills and passions. You may also join multiple groups if you are a multimedia artist and find the project that best suits you.

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Sharing Team

This team is dedicated to sharing resources, time, currency, tools, and access to land and buildings with the Earth Nation. This page under development.


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This area showcases every advanced team. To unlock the advanced team sections, you must become an EN Voteholder.

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Starseed Academy

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LoveCycle Team

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Sacred Spaces Team

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Healers Team

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Events Team

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Business Team

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Merchants Guild

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