The Earth Nation, In collaboration with the New Haven Native American Church, has started a network of sustainable intentional communities around AVA, Missouri. Scroll down for more details on this network development. Through our partnership with the New Haven Native American Church (who gained their authority from the Sioux tribe) Earth Nation Voteholders may now become USA and UN recognized tribal sovereign citizens. This gives us the right to produce and consume plant medicines of all forms.
"P2P Agreements Pangea is a decentralised market for legal services. Create and execute peer-to-peer agreements seamlessly across the world, resolve disputes fairly and efficiently. Choose an arbitrator, or become an arbitrator in your field of expertise." Frontier Technology Pangea is a secure mesh network forming a distributed web, accessed through a smartphone-chat user-friendly interface. Blockchain agnostic smart contract functionality powers the Pangea Jurisdiction, currently implemented with Ethereum. Your Own Nations On Pangea you can create your own Decentralised Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN).
Many times I find myself focusing on the future. I find myself looking at cars and houses, daydreaming about them and how it’s going to feel when I have all that. It’s a big dream of mine to have a sports car one day. I have always been fascinated by them and I don’t have even the slightest bit of doubt in that happening. Because of the prices of sports cars and the amount of money you need to buy one, I often find myself trying to look for shortcuts. I try looking for shortcuts that will get me to my goal sooner. It’s not that I don’t like what I do or that I’m not happy with how my life is at the moment.
LIVE MARCH 10, 2PM EASTERN 2018 | BE THERE! 5G CALL TO ACTION COMMUNITY SUMMIT The light and the dark are gaining momentum. Where we put our focused energy and act as an awake community, we will make all the difference in the future world. It would be lovely to think that team dark has been defeated and we have no more anti-life agendas manipulating our present or future. It has been so long that the power elite deep state, Illuminati, dark overlords, call them what you will, have tipped our outcomes to serve their greed and insatiable addiction to power.
My 34 years old brother died recently i got in an emotional black hole man; i thought i could do it all bymyself; how ego was that! mushrooms was the only transdimensional force that helped me out; By trippng; No; you dont meet your dead relatives in other dimensions; in fact if you are not fine mind and body you will get worse; we know little of Life and less of Death; My point of view as an I.T.
So I have been keeping my eye on the @earthnation since they have begun their team-up with @steembasicincome. It really looks like a nice group of people looking to make the world a better place, and I am very happy they too see the potential of the Steem Basic Income project. So when I saw the Newbie Games, I thought, 'Why not?', so let's get to it! The flowers of a better world Now the contest involves answering a question in only 50 to 300 words. I am no expert in 'small' talk, and I prefer to keep my posts to 800+ words plus pictures.
We have begun our month long super human cleanse! I say super human because - I'm not here to be mediocre or just survive, and I believe we have barely scratched the surface of our powers and potential. Cameron Gray I am here to thrive, to feel optimally healthy, to feel, be and do inspired, empowered and unstoppable in my life's mission to bring a new humanity and healthy planet forward. I want to ensure to the best of my ability that I am bringing my clearest self to the world for our collective success. I imagine and know that when a group of aligned clear people come together in shared intention and with the support of the divine that anything can happen.
In connection with the stated in the first part of this Chapter, I would like to emphasize a very important principle for the successful practice of building training inside everyday life: all areas of life that are destructive or tedious, and which can not be eliminated - must be transformed in a beneficial, fun and resultative practice by internal exercises. It's just a safety requirement. If this is not done, the destructive aspects of life's routine will crush any successes. This approach will change the attitude to life of the practitioner, and it will change the attitude of others, due to changes in his internal psychological status.
Are you on Discord? If you are, then thats awesome, its a great place. If you are not, then why not join? Discord is a hub of activity for many of your favorite Steemit groups, its where you can connect with people and make actual friends, promote your content and find hidden gems. Personally, I love just chatting with people from across the globe on there, I make new friends and learn so much! I spend a lot of time on Discord and have fitted myself nicely into a couple niches. Many of the groups I am in I am not active, but there are a few where I clicked with the members for reals and developed relationships and connections.
(source) Welcome to: NewbieGames "Simplified"Jeopardy Brought to you by: @earthnation & @steembasicincome Like Jeopardy, you pick your category and you give an answer to the topic question. The top 2 answers in each of the 5 categories win a $0.40 upvote. Plus there will be 3 @steembasicincome prizes given to the overall best 3 submissions and an overall Grandprize of a $10 upvote! All valid entries receive a $0.10 upvote too.

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You will earn 10% or 20% (if you qualify for basic income) of everyone who signs up through your referral URL their Key purchases. These keys will be deposited automatically into your account. You may then sell these keys for cash.

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Earth Nation Ambassadors are the forefront of the EN.

We share awareness of our way of being, our directories, our allies, and conscious news and media of all forms.

Our mission is to assist in waking up humankind by propagating inspiring, educational, entertaining and positive media across digital and physical channels of all kinds.




Earn Earth Nation Voteholder status by creating and linking social media profiles/pages/websites/blogs to our Ambassador Syndication Network to promote our Conscious Media Campaign.

Once linked, we automatically share up to 5 posts a day to your chosen channel(s).

We encourage you to both link pre-existing channels and to create dedicated channels for our media.


Start a community hub/meeting area and expand to hosting events, products and services. Apply for funding for your branch.

Connect your local community to the EN Global Support Network.

Earn a thriving wage, get your rent subsidized, and make a % commission from activities in your local branch.


Represent the Earth Nation and approach businesses, nonprofits, land owners and communities with mutually beneficial partnership opportunities with the EN.


Do you feel a calling towards guiding others into finding and fulfilling their passion purpose?

Ambassador Guides act as mentors, teachers, friends, and allies for all those seeking helping in the EN.

Content Creators

Content Creators! Welcome to the core media team of the Earth Nation. This is where the foundational back-end magic happens! We supply the Earth Nation and partner allies with marketing, promotional, educational, and empowering content in the form of written material, social media posts, videos, animation, images, and info-graphics.

To be a content creator, join a specific team relative to your skills and passions. You may also join multiple groups if you are a multimedia artist and find the project that best suits you.

Content Creators receive keys for each piece of content ( depending on quality) AND basic USD income if you work at least 7 hours a week. Connect with your team Coordinator to learn more.

Sharing Team

This team is dedicated to sharing resources, time, currency, tools, and access to land and buildings with the Earth Nation. This page under development.


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Land and Building Access

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Advanced Teams

This area showcases every advanced team. To unlock the advanced team sections, you must become an EN Voteholder.

Avatar Team

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Financial Team

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Starseed Academy

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Writers Team

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Graphics Team

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LoveCycle Team

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Sacred Spaces Team

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Healers Team

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Events Team

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Business Team

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Merchants Guild

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Pick your Path

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Work With Us

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