Reiki + Crystal Healing

November 27, 2017

Reiki is a Sacred, Universal, Lifeforce Energy.
This is a spiritual practice developed in Japan in the early 19th century. The Japanese Kanji (character) of universal (rei) and life force energy (ki) name the practice of Reiki. There are many interpretations, but in essence, the word attempts to define or convey a spiritual practice regarding a sacred life force energy that is brought from the divine into the earth plane.

Reiki is understood to be a subtle form of energy, coming from a divine source (Spirit, God, Oneness, etc..) that works within your own energy field. The Reiki practitioner connects to this source, aligning her or himself to this high vibration clear energy field and becomes a channel for drawing the energy in and allowing it to flow either into their own or another's energy field allowing the consciousness to bring healing. The healer does not direct the process, rather the Divine energy knows exactly where to go for best use. It is important to note that Reiki is not a religious practice but a spiritual one. It is a simple, intuitive practice that is available to all. Also, Reiki can do no harm. The true nature of Reiki will work in the highest and best way to the recipient.

What you will receive:

  • 1-hour session (in person) with the use of crystals & aromatherapy.

-Certified/Registered Yoga TeacherĀ 
-Reiki Master TeacherĀ 
-Wellness Mentor/ Integrative healerĀ 
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