Planning and Design

November 18, 2017
Animal Care
Human Care

I approach an object of design as i might approach a person. What is the best experience possible for the project to have? Given the present moment, who it's owners are, how much intervention has occurred, what the available resources are and the details of the land; I work to see possible futures and the chain of events needed to move towards that future. My tool bag includes technology to creatively or precisely measure and build in the physical world, software to explore and blend all sources of information into new ideas and make a record of what has been done and this bag includes my own objective intuition which guides my use of all tools and methodologies. I have set the intention of bringing symbolic and subtle intention into the projects i work with.

I feel that I have a pleasantly wide scope of skills and experiences which is the result of answering the standard "What do you do?" question with "What do you need to have done?"

My resume is different from my Portfolio and some of my favorite projects are undocumented at any level. If you have an interesting project or idea and would like a creative collaborator . . .you are invited to introduce yourself.

There is a portfolio @ Portfolio From Lee Keiser

The resume is @ Resume for Lee Keiser


Solar Electric Design & Installation – Solar Energy International, Paonia, CO. 2016
GIS Certificate - University of Colorado, Boulder, CO. 2012 – 2013
Master of Landscape Architecture - University of Colorado, Denver, CO 1998 – 2001
Master of Arts in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology - Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO 1992 – 1995
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA 1983 – 1987
ESRI AutoCAD ENVI Qgis SketchUp Arduino
Arc Server Civil 3D HEC-HMS Post GIS Adobe Suite Python
❖ Refined awareness and skill for creating and utilizing organizational structures and communication.
Personal Interests
❖ Experience facilitating awareness, recreation and service in natural areas.
❖ Personal focus on Shinto and Buddhist environmental ethics.
Form, Light and Color
❖ Creative approaches to developing and finishing models.
❖ Interested in creating and placing sculpture.
❖ Able to create lighting designs and color schemes for performance, architecture and landscape.
❖ Experienced in studio, landscape and architectural photography, traditional and digital imaging.
❖ HDR photography, animation, remote sensing, image analysis and use of projection.
❖ Experienced in creating unique and traditional applications of solid, textured and faux materials.