Original Illustration

November 15, 2017
Graphic Design

Original graphic illustrations, made to order, for your next graphic novel, product, or creative project. All orders are initially done ink on paper (9" x 12") as an analog copy, then whatever you choose your size for original art will be completed in addition with the ink drawing, and image can be finished either digital color or paint for the final medium

How To Go About Commissioning a Piece of Original Art

  1. So You found some art on my site you like, or really digging my style, and now decide if you would like to have an original image of your own use: Personal, Commercial, or Promotional Mixed-Use.

  2. You clicked through and read the contents of this page to help you better understand what to expect and give you a better idea of the questions you might have when we talk.

  3. Fill out the order form completely (link below) with the project details like:
    - Desired size or dimension
    - Desired medium
    - Deadline due
    If possible, It helps to have an image or image in mind,
    List any other expectations as specific as possible.
    Please include details of any of the previously mentioned in your email message.
    If you don’t know any of those things, then just contact me with what you do know, and we will figure it out together.

  4. Once you know exactly what it is that you want, then I can produce you an initial quote for completing your project within given timeframe.

  5. My studio will contact you by your preferred method (either by SMS text or email) with a request for the initial payment (33%-50% depending on the nature of the project).

  6. Once I receive initial pre-payment, you will receive confirmation once your project has begun.

  7. You can request photos or secure links to materials from during the process to let you see it coming to life.

  8. After your project is complete, you will receive a proof image to review for final approval.

  9. Once you approve the final product, you will receive a request of payment for balance due.

  10. When the final payment is confirmed, the Art will be shipped to a valid mailing address, unless arrangements otherwise have been made to ship or pickup at a later date.

  11. Always Ask Questions! If you aren’t sure about something ask, and I will do the same. It keeps us on the same page. Feel free to contact my studio planetfloatingmars@gmail.com