January 26, 2018
Life Coaching

Dear friends,


after my initiation into the knowledge of the Human Design on the magic island of Ibiza in 1994 with RA URU HU, this self-empowering work is now part of my daily life since more than 24 years. RA, the first human to receive this knowledge, has been my teacher since then, and also after his passing in 2012, the learning never ends.


Moving through my forth seven year cycle of deconditioning, this knowledge brought me to the core of my genetic essence and thought me what it means to live a life true to my real nature - a liberation in my life experience from what was not me and from what could never work for me!


The path to a fulfilling life leads through understanding and acceptance – it is not about changing who we are, but living correctly what we were always supposed to be. Human Design shows us that each of us has a very simple strategy that can bring us to that point of recognition and eventual awakening to our true nature!


Travelling through this beautiful world and experiencing life in harmony with this knowledge brought me many enriching encounters and experiences through which I could personally verify the practicality of this wisdom. I can only invite everybody to join into this pool of information that gives us all the possibility to live our life with clear understanding of its mechanics and in tune with our unique nature, so that we can align with our geometry and be gifted in life with all that we truly deserve.


Since 2006 I'm living my cosmic holiday in Alto Paraiso / Brazil, from where I offer my service on-line, or personally to the few that find me out here. It's always an honor to be invited to do my 'job' and to share this empowering tool with anybody interested.


The information in the analysis is kept simple and practical. Everything session takes 75-90 minutes and is recorded as a MP3 file, which I will sent to your e-mail along with all the necessary charts. After you studied everything in your own timing you can come back to me at any time with your questions, if you still have some. Analysis and presentations can be offered in English, German, Portuguese and Italian language.



My study process:


Courses of study:

1994 basic and advanced course with Ra on Ibiza

1994 official Analyst certificate from Ra on Ibiza

1995 “Mystical Grey” course with Ra on Ibiza

1995 “Relationship” course with Ra in Ibiza

1995 “Sexuality” course (1. part) with Ra in Ibiza

1995-2001 updates and exchanges on the development in Human Design through internet and other channels.

2001 course of “Rave Cartography Analyst” with Nikas Graziola and registration with the official Human Design School.

2001 “Living Design Teacher” course with Ra in Diessen/Germany

2002 “Incarnation Cross” course with Ra in Toscana/Italy

2002 “Sexuality” course (2. part) with Ra in Toscana/Italy

2002 „Rave Cartography Teacher“ course with Ra

2002 “Analyst Practice” course with Ra

2002 “Success in relation to Type” course with Ra in Barcelona

2002 “Family Analysis” course with Ra in Barcelona

2003 “Family Practice” licensed course with Ra in Ibiza

2004 “Children education” course with Ra in Ibiza

2004 “Encounters” course with Ra in Ibiza

2004 all “Teacher Trainings” for the module 1-4 with Ra in Ibiza

2005 “professional workshops” with RA in Ibiza

2005 complete “Biversity courses” with Ra in Ibiza

2005 “Mentor of HDS” course with Ra online

2005 “IHDS Cosmology” semester 1&2 with Ra online

2006 “IHDS Cosmology” semester 3&4 with Ra online

2010 “Living Design Guide” online with Carol Freedman

2010 till today: various personal studies of the collected materials that RA offered.



  • Analyst of the Rave
  • Analyst of Relationship
  • Analyst of Sexuality
  • Analyst of the Penta
  • Analyst of Life Cycles
  • Living Design Guide
  • Teacher of the General formation
  • Teacher of the Professional formation
  • Mentor of HDS

Readings that I offer:


- Basic individual Design analysis:

Includes your individual Human Design chart and a 60-90 min. reading, analyzing your personal Design. This is the first step of your journey towards yourself. This first session will pass you all the practical keys that are relevant to start your Human Design experiment.


- Composite analysis:

Includes the combined partnership chart and a 60-90 minutes reading, which analyses the basic dynamics of any kind of partnership. The information passed in this reading are a big help in raising your children properly and living your relationships (love & business) in a healthy and respectful way. (the personal readings are a pre-condition for any partnership reading)


- in depth Individual analysis:

Revealing topics like: your most important gifts in this life; the mechanics of your fears and your melancholy; your potentials for love and hate; any specific theme the client wants to explore.


- Sexual Design analysis:

Explaining the way you are programmed to operate correctly in regards to sexuality and caring.


- Life Cycle analysis (Solar- and Saturn-return, Uranus-opposition and Kiron-return):

Giving you an overview on the most important themes of your new life-cycle, with the practical information needed to be personally prepared for it (1. Saturn return around 28-31 years of age; 2. Uranus opposition around 40 years of age; 3. Kiron return around 50 years of age; 4. Solar return every year at your birthday).


- Incarnation Cross analysis:

Revealing the major keys of your purpose of life in this incarnation and of the correct geometry bringing you there.


- Penta / Family analysis:

Analyzing the energetic potential and the inherent limitations within any grouping between 3 and 5 members.




- Presentation Evenings and Introductory Workshops:

I have the latest technology for multimedia presentations of Human Design and I offer introduction and basic presentations of the system to any interested group. I can also organize an introduction to HDS and the four types with a chart for all participants. You can contact me if you have a suitable location and a group of people that is interested and I will pass you all the relevant information.


- Teachings and workshops:

I am also an officially recognized teacher and mentor of HDS, with the license to teach the Human Design system throughout the two educational levels to become an officially recognized analyst of HDS. For more information about the formation and about dates for the next courses and workshop contact me directly.